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Static Website Design

Are you entrepreneurs struggling to come up with a website for your enterprise? Avanexa, being a top static website design company can help you with strategies to empower the online presence of your business in a quick time. Static websites display the exact same information or contents stored by a web author using programming languages.

Advantages of Static web page design

  • Easiest Website design to build and deploy
  • Every visitor or customer will view the same content unless updated by webmasters.
  • Static designs are always top in the search engine rankings as they load faster on the net.
  • Cost-effective choice for small businesses and organizations
  • Every layout and design of the static web pages can be customized as per the demand of the clients.
  • Easier to restore with its simple coding process
  • An SEO friendly web design with understandable contents
  • Easy to navigate and browser compatible
  • Inexpensive hosting
  • Easy indexing and fast transferring

Our 3 step process

Static Website Design


We understand and analyze your business requirements and design layout with graphic logo, pictures, text, etc., We create a full-proof plan before designing work.

Static Website Design


The web browser sends requests, receives responses from web servers, interprets markups, and displays it as a website.

Static Website Design Company


Now your fully developed and personalized static website of high quality is globally visible.

What makes Avanexa the best static web design company?

Static Website Design Company Coimbatore
  • Our professional web designers employ HTML and CSS table-less programming languages that prominently exhibit your digital presence.
  • Our web developers team designs a static website with relevant keywords for better promotion at all search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.,
  • Avanexa, a logo design company never fails to deliver responsible static web pages with excellent UI/UX.
  • Our webmasters update the contents based on your demands and inputs.
  • We provide consistent round-the-clock support for all your queries and problems.
  • Being a versatile static website design company, Avanexa with innovative ideas and inspirational concepts creates aesthetically pleasing impressive web designs.
  • We believe that our user-friendly approach and transparent communication make our client an ideal reason for selecting our static web design services.

Frequently Asked Questions

In general, sites send off within 4 to 6 weeks from the project start. In the event that you are attempting to fulfill a particular time constraint, let us know and we can furnish your static website design with choices.