C2C Marketplace Listing Services C2C Marketplace Listing Services

C2C Marketplace Listing Services

C2C marketplace is where one customer purchases goods and services from another customer using a third-party business platform in an online environment. In this business model, both the suppliers and buyers are considered as customers. A C2C marketplace listing services helps businesses position their products on e-commerce platforms. As a potential buyer and seller, make your business grow!

How does a c2c platform work?

This business model is quite simple in its operation, where the vendors sell their products on the site, and buyers can filter and purchase the products as per the requirements. Transactions are made through secure online payment gateways. Customers find products that are difficult to locate elsewhere through these C2C platforms.

Characteristics of Customer to Customer marketplaces

C2C Marketplace Listing Services
  • Contactless shopping
  • Powerful catalog management
  • Vendor locations
  • Customer to vendor communications
  • Vendor backend control panel
  • Downloadable products
  • Comments and reviews
  • Multiple payment methods

Advantages of C2C marketplace listing

The C2C marketplace listing services are most preferred for small and individual businesses.

C2C Marketplace Listing Services Company

Increased profitability

As there are no intermediaries involved in the C2C marketplace, it eventually lowers the cost of products and improves profitability. C2C facilitates direct transactions without commissions. Being C2C marketplace listing services, We charge for positioning products alone, and we don’t take charges for each trading.

C2C Marketplace Listing company

High customer base

C2C Marketplace Listing Services Company Coimbatore


C2C Marketplace Listing Services Coimbatore

Cost-effective and SEO friendly

Avanexa, the best C2C marketplace listing services - Here’s why?

C2C Marketplace Listing
  • We help you find a platform that handles every functionality of robust marketplaces. We prefer popular platforms such as eBay, Etsy, Craigslist, and so on.
  • Our expert team thoroughly looks at whether a company can brand their stores, optimize the pricing structures, track shipments, sales reporting, multilingual capability, and so forth for a global reach of your business.
  • We guide you to target niche marketplaces to reach your target audience with various strategies and methodologies.