Linux dedicated server Linux dedicated server

Linux Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers: High stability, security, and reliability even in heavy online traffic! Linux dedicated server is a preferable option for e-commerce businesses and establishments. A comprehensive hosting solution that speeds up business performance and completely supports multiple databases. Avanexa builds servers that specifically meet your needs with hassle-free server management.

Why choose a Linux dedicated server for e-commerce business websites?

Linux Dedicated Server


Due to open-source origins, Linux servers require only limited setup costs. It has user-friendly features, easy integration, saves time, and hassle-free server management. Indeed, the latest technology in hosting with budget-friendly solutions!

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High server security

Linux dedicated servers ensure high-level security in which every person in the network can check the source codes and detect loopholes, bugs, and vulnerabilities. Linux servers minimize cyber attacks and obtain a great level of recovery from server crashes.

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Large storage space

For online businesses to run productively, Linux servers provide unlimited data options with a huge amount of transferring options.

Linux Dedicated

High performance

Dedicated servers can handle massive volumes of traffic without any interruptions in your websites. To fulfill visitors’ expectations, dedicated servers offer a smooth flow with high-quality conjunctions with another device. Experience a hassle-free performance of your websites!


Linux is adaptable to variable scenarios with its flexibility in options. To fulfill your requirements, tweak dedicated servers whenever you need them. It offers a consistent environment for the program to run. Ease to use a dedicated server compared with others.

Dedicated Server


A reliable dedicated server makes a separate environment for the website. The configuration ensures maximum uptime and profitability for your business.


Avanexa delivers newer, manageable applications without any upfront costs and minimal provisioning time. By focussing on core business, Linux servers provide enhanced maintenance of infrastructure.

Privacy & technical support

A supportive modern server is optimized to change the settings of website performance. Linux servers access day-to-day website functions. The scripting languages like PHP, Perl, My SQL, WordPress, and Zencart will combine easily with Linux servers.

A sequential process of setting up Linux dedicated servers

  • Selection and installation of Linux OS
  • Installation of servers, scripting languages, and so on
  • Security establishments
  • Content installation or migration to websites
  • Final check & delivery

Why choose Avanexa for Linux dedicated servers

Technical support

Our company supports you with the best technical support and provides you with maximum uptime. Our team of experts eminently handles even the most complicated problems with ease.

Security-first approach

As the best Linux service providers, we offer complete high-level security features to protect your website data. Ease recovery with proper backup plans even in situations of cyber issues.

Scalability factor

Our dedicated server service allows flexible scalability options with new software updations. Avanexa offers dynamic services that increase or decrease the disk spaces as customizable to the organization.

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