B2C Marketplace Listing Services B2C Marketplace Listing Services

B2C Marketplace Listing Services

B2C marketplaces refer to the platforms for selling products and services directly between businesses and end-users. It is an excellent business model that meets vendors and ideal customers. In recent years, the growth rate of the B2C market in India is 22%, which denotes the businesses that can dauntedly step into B2C marketplaces. As B2C marketplace listing services, we work efficiently to accelerate your business growth.

Why opt for Business to consumer marketplace platforms?

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Reach an established audience base

By posting your products in B2C marketplaces, you can reach people who are already shopping and also can reach new customers. It drives traffic to the sites and strengthens the online presence. With just a few clicks on the internet, now people can purchase their products online and improve company sales.

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Lower prices

With a B2C model, you can mitigate operational costs and marketing costs. There are ample spaces to reduce product prices too. By opting for this model, it is easy to manage inventory & warehousing with fewer people and resources.

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Direct communication with the buyer

Business-to-consumer platforms allow communication with buyers through personalized messages, e-mails, SMS, and push notifications. It helps to convert significant visitors as potential clients to your business.

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Increased accessibility

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Instant trust

Characteristics of B2C marketplaces

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For buyers

  • Easy-to-use
  • Straightforward user experience
  • Proper product listings
  • Product reviews
  • Product reviews
  • Shopping basket
  • Checkout page
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For sellers

  • Registration page
  • Seller dashboard
  • Inventory management
  • Customer management

Key players of B2C marketplaces

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  • Alibaba
  • EWorld Trade
  • Rakuten
  • Amazon
  • eBay

Why choose Avanexa for B2C marketplace listing services?

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  • We follow agile methodologies in listings
  • We provide dedicated listing services
  • Supported several companies to successfully position the products in B2C marketplaces.
  • Regardless of company size and business types, we service data or product listings over the years.