Offshore Development Centre (ODC) Offshore Development Centre (ODC)

Offshore Development Centre (ODC)

Our Client-Centric VODC Model Brings You the Best of India Advantage Cost-Saving, Quality, Reliability.

  • All-encompassing project improvement procedure with accentuation on sound project management
  • You don’t have to stress on interests in infrastructure, building, recruitment, and support
  • Virtual 24-hour office to man your activities, keep up with it and assist you to focus on center capability regions.

AVANEXA has drawn out its exceptional Virtual Offshore Development Center (VODC) model as part of our vision to give top-notch, on-request items and administrations. This model feature AVANEXA’s ability and capacity to convey dependable, great arrangements and the justifications for why AVANEXA should be Your Preferred Offshore Outsourcing Partner.

Our remarkable Offshore Outsourcing model assists you with reevaluating all parts fundamental for ideal offshore development. You don’t have to stress on interests in framework, building, enlistment and upkeep. We give you a virtual 24-hour office to man your tasks, keep up with it and assist you with zeroing in on center capability regions. AVANEXA means to be your drawn-out seaward accomplice for both your Custom Software Development Outsourcing and Outsourced Product Development (OPD) giving developers and designers through our Virtual Offshore Development Center (VODC) administrations.

We offer top-of-the-line solutions for giving monetary return, risk alleviation, key arrangement, time-to-advertise effect, and worth creation. Created and conveyed involving demonstrated techniques for web and programming advancement, upheld by the project the board, clear and complete documentation, and exceptional FSP model – Offshore Development Center Model, AVANEXA Offshore Outsourcing models have permitted our seaward accomplices to focus on their business better.

Managed Offshore Development


  • VoIP, Zoom meeting offices alongside Slack
  • 24 x 7 email and Internet access over high-velocity broadband associations


  • Particular workstations with quick PCs on a rapid exchanged network
  • Dell-fueled Linux and Windows servers for internal development

Information Management

  • Appropriate ISO-norms documentation
  • Projects evaluated by means of regular inside reviews

Heightening Chain

  • Month to month input studies
  • Planned standard advancement audit calls
  • 3 degrees of acceleration to determine issues (Project Manager, Delivery Manager, and CEO/CTO)

NDA Agreements

  • NDA/Copyright and IP Agreements endorsed with all our staff
  • Biometric and Smartcard-based character cards for secure admittance to our advancement habitats


  • Rendition control utilizing SVN/GitHub
  • Timesheets shared on an occasional reason for ODC
  • Committed QA group for testing according to require