Business Survival without smartphones is tough to imagine in the modern period.

Mobile phones or Smartphones use are growing over the period, and it is estimated that there are more than 2.54 billion mobile phone users worldwide, and this number is not rigid; it is increasing. The growing prospect of smartphones opens the business opportunity for business people to grow their business using online options. Most companies are looking to move their business online. As we know, carrying a smartphone is relatively easy compared to other electronic devices such as laptops and other gadgets. It is essential to display business on the Smartphone to grab your potential customers, and it is possible only to develop any business-oriented mobile application.

Avanexa, a leading mobile application development company, developed applications that pass through all the compatibility and functionality tests smoothly. We are a team of dedicated mobile app developers who possess real-time app development experience designing mobile applications for all business sectors. We understand the business requirements thoroughly, which help us to understand the objective. We always believe in coming out on top in favour of mobile applications that we follow regular practice and strategies to get tremendous results. There are listed mobile app development services included, which we will discuss with you in detail.

Android Apps

An android marketplace is made up of around 130 million users, so if your business is available in the form of an android application on the android market, that means you have a chance to grab 130 million customers for the business. It is only possible to avail service with the best mobile app development Coimbatore Company. But before going to the product, first, you need to understand whether the android developed app could be beneficial for your business or not? So now, focus on the benefits of android app development.

There are so many reasons why developing an android application are a great choice among the business. A few of them are listed below.

Android app is highly customizable

Android app development cycle is quite fast as compared to other development platforms

It is pretty user-friendly, which means it is easy to use, access to the menu, and other functions are relatively more accessible

One should not miss out on the fact that orient software is the best choice for android app development. The following are the specialties given below.

  • Android client-server
  • Android handset testing
  • Rich feature for multimedia application
  • Third-party app integration
  • Easy app submission at the play store

All the features stated that the android application is quite helpful for your business. You can develop any reliable android application by choosing the best Mobile Application Development Company in the nearby area.

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iPhone / iOS Apps

iOS application development develops mobile applications for the apple store or apple hardware, including iPhone, iPad, iTouch, etc. The iOS mobile application is developed using swift programming language or objective c and deployed at the apple store. Before you write any single line of code for iOS development, the developer requires the following things, which are given below.

  • XCode, an integrated development IDE for iOS application development. it is the free IDE that can be downloaded from the apple store
  • Any active developer account
  • Apple computer with the latest version of OS

One can select Objective-C or Swift programming language to develop any iOS application. You can choose anyone out of two. Apart from it, several other extensive developer resources are available in the library for iOS development.

So, are you searching for a Mobile App Development Company in Coimbatore, then Avanexa team can be the best choice for your business objective?

Cross-platform Apps

Cross-platform app refers to those apps that are suitable for multiple platforms. At present, companies have started working on new trends that bring your device (BYOD), which refers to people getting their device at the workstation to perform work. Companies customize the application and test it on different devices.

The cross-platform app enables business owners to grab the audience from all the platforms such as android, iOS, and Windows. If your target audiences have been split, then cross-platform could be the best choice for you.

HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript are the preferred languages for cross-platform app development.

The benefit of using the cross-platform app:

There are certain benefits of using the cross-platform app over any android or Windows app.

  • The cross-platform app is much faster as compared to other native mobile applications.
  • Developers can leverage only one code base and customize it for multiple platforms rather than writing code separately.
  • Though cross-platform refers to writing one and use in many places would refer to the cost-effectiveness.

So, a cross-platform app is quite beneficial for the business, and it enables the business to spread in a 360-degree view direction. If you are looking for any Mobile Application Development Company to develop a cross-platform app for your business, Avanexa would be an excellent choice for you.

Wearable Apps

Wearable apps run directly on hardware that users usually wear, such as watches. App gives you access to hardware like sensors and GPU. Wearable apps are pretty similar to the other Android apps, but they differ in design and other functionalities.

At Avanexa, our developers have strong command over wearable app development. Our primary focus is to design a wearable application that refers to the standard of living and make sure to work it flawlessly.

We have to build a wearable app for smartwatches, glasses, and other wearable hardware. We have unmatched experience in developing a wearable application for wearable devices.

The wearable app can also be developed for health and fitness, retails, travels, business, and finance.

We are in the wearable app development business for many years and deliver successful wearable application projects. So if you are looking for any Mobile App Development Coimbatore for the wearable app, connect with us for better service.


PhoneGap is a widely accepted technology/framework to develop cross-platform application development. Phonegap is an open-source framework, and it is available to use by anyone. It allows developers to build an application using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

There are so many reasons behind getting it more popular, which are given below.

  • Phonegap support cross-platform compatibility
  • It is relatively cost-effective as compared to other native platforms
  • Phonegap provides better access to the native API’s
  • Though it is open-source, a large community is available for issue resolution
  • It is pretty flexible with other web technologies

If you are looking for a Mobile Application Development Company to develop a cross-platform application using PhoneGap, Avanexa is the right choice. At Avanexa, you will get native UI and best performing mobile applications for both platforms. We are a team of skilled PhoneGap developers holding extensive knowledge and experience in all the possible sectors like retail, eCommerce, manufacturing, hospitality, and other industries.

Hybrid Apps

A hybrid app works basically on all the possible platforms but behaves like any native app. It combines a native app and a web app. This type of app can be installed on any device like any native app. Hybrid apps are usually built on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
It is a web app that incorporates additional native features. Any hybrid app consists of two parts which are:
The backend of the application and code is written in the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A native shell that is downloadable and converts the code to native code.
There are certain benefits of using a hybrid app which are:

  • It does not require any web browser like any web apps
  • A hybrid app can access the device internal and hardware
  • The codebase is required to develop a hybrid app

If you are looking for a Mobile Application Development Company for hybrid app development, connect with Avanexa. At Avanexa, you will find a team of experienced hybrid app developers with deep expertise in mixed app development.

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