E-mail hosting company E-mail hosting company

E-mail Hosting

Email hosting company renders internet hosting service in which we rent out email addresses to the users. Business emails bring a professional touch to your company in online landscapes. To enhance the professionalism you can have an email address that matches your website. Avanexa, a leading email hosting company caters 100% spam-free mailing solutions for all your business needs.

Undeniable benefits of email hosting

E-mail hosting company

Improve brand consistency

When your company has a custom domain name, it increases the credibility of your company among the customers. Users will likely respond to your mails as it is reliable. It is easily accessible from anywhere with internet connections.

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Secure webmail access

Our secure hosting services prepare your mail servers with industry-standard encryption data.It guarantees your confidential and sensitive business information to keep safe and protected.

E-mail hosting

Safe POP and IMAP access

Hosting allows secure access to email clients via POP and IMAP. The overall email traffic is encrypted with e-mail hosting.

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Enlarge storage space

We offer several email hosting plans with sufficient storage spaces for your mailbox. Have a customized and flexible storage space for your business. We completely take care of your upgrade for additional storage spaces for your inboxes.

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Enhanced performance

The productivity of your company is best as you can seamlessly interact with your customers. A reliable email hosting solution prevents the infected emails, spams, and viruses.

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Connect all email addresses

Mail hosting helps you connect customer support emails, information emails and individual staff emails under one professional roof. Email hosting providers allow users to share address books.

Avanexa, an eminent email-hosting company! Join hands with us and enjoy the benefits!

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  • Security is our top most concern. We took all measures to protect your email content online.
  • We provide you complete control over your email environment.
  • We offer reliable customer service with 24/7 email, chat and phone support.
  • Simple to use web-based interfaces
  • Our hosting services syncs with web-based applications and mobile application development
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Clutter-free email inbox and virus free emails
  • Build secure servers for professional emails!