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Have trouble finding the right one? Leave it up to us. Avanexa, a team of – members, veterans of software programming, computer languages, testing, debugging, and many more. Our specialized set of augmented tools are as follows,


An iterative acronym of hypertext Preprocessor is a multifunctional scripting language that administers the encryptions of dynamic database contents and saves files for functional websites. An approachable, easy to work with, salient featured technology for advanced applications. An indispensable server-side language embedded in HTML utilized by our team of developers.


My SQL is an open-source database management system employed for cloud-native computing systems. A structured Query language to add, ingress, process the computer database for e-commerce, logging, warehousing applications. An advanced RDBMS is a dependable method of storing and retrieving databases providing a higher interface between users at ease. We manage SSL support, Indexed file data, multi-user accessibility, query simplification for web applications.


jQuery is the most popular framework built with javascript to improve the functionality of websites. A javascript library supports our designers for simplifying event handling, CSS animation & syntax, Ajax, and manipulating HTML DOM tree. A Powerful multi-cross browser with easy-to-use API for different web technologies. A lightweight, simple javascript with our efficient designers creates an enhanced web design and graphics for your websites.

React JS (Javascript)

React JS is a general-purpose free front-end Javascript library to create interactive user interfaces for single-page applications. A fast, scalable, simple component-based script allows our developers’ team to design large web applications and make easy swaps of data without reloading the process.

React Native

An open-source framework with advanced technology simplifies web development work. It enables developers to create UI software, platform-specific components, and render Android, iOS applications with native platform capabilities. With the support of React Native, we deliver our clients a seamless user experience for the web applications.

Node.js (JavaScript)

Node.js is a cross-platform back-end javascript runtime framework built on the V8 engine where our developers scratch the full potential of Node.js for projects. It is employed for its benefits in real-time applications, web streaming functions, data processing, mean stack, queued inputs, and so on. We design your websites with non-blocking, event-driven servers, back-end API services with excellent Node.js support.


A highly integrated, OSI-approved programming language for web development. Python, the choicest pick for back-end development, is now swaying the developers with its popular frameworks of Django and flask. Python has modified the software scenario with expandable uses such as Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, data visualization, machine learning, language development, finance, and others. Our developers meticulously work on languages for better results for your online presence.


JAVA, an oracle-backed, object-oriented programming language used to write applications for various operating systems and servers such as Windows and Linux. JAVA supports applications that run on a single device. The innumerous benefits include mobile app development, desktop GUI applications, web-based applications, cloud-based, and IoT applications. We are well-versed experts on the major programming languages that drift your business to the next level.


Flutter is an open-source UI-developed software kit focussed on native end-user experience built from a single codebase for any online platform. A framework to design beautiful quality apps with fast performance, high productivity, and adaptive designs.