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Triumph Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. has been an adventure travel establishment firm for around 20 years incorporated in Coimbatore. They have been one of the happy clients of Avanexa for more than three years. We have built the website for them as well as looking after digital marketing works as well. Triumph Expeditions being in the field of adventure always had a dream to protect and promote the mountains and adventure activities of India and so they decided to build a dedicated platform for promoting the pride of the Indian Mountains to the world. Triumph Expeditions approached Avanexa to build a platform and conduct an online event to achieve the world record for “Most Photos of People Mountaineering Uploaded to Facebook in One Hour” to draw the attention of mountaineers and mountaineering fraternity around the world.


  • Naming Convention – To name the brand they tend to build for promoting the Indian Mountains.
  • Design – Develop a unique and creative website for the platform.
  • Promotion – Promote the platform and the online event to nook and corner of India among the mountaineering fraternity.
  • The Result – To receive a minimum 500 number of photos in one hour’s time to achieve the world record title.

Naming Convention

The first step started towards building the platform was to name it. Avanexa assigned a team of three to analyze and bring out a list of suggestions as per client requirement. The requirement given was the name must be catchy and give a clear idea about the platform. From a list of around 30 names “Mountains of India” was selected from Triumph Expeditions as it fulfils their expectation at the best.


The target of the client for the website is to portray the information regarding mountain ranges and adventure activities in India. Apart from that dedicated pages for the online world record event has to be created alongside. We are asked to complete the entire website within a week time satisfying the unique and creative design requirement from the client. Our design and content writing team took it as a challenge and built an innovative website in a week time satisfying each requirement of the client.


The main part of the entire project is digital promotion works. The foremost goal of Mountains of India is to achieve the world record title for “Most Photos of People Mountaineering Uploaded to Facebook in One Hour”. The concept is to make the most number of mountaineers from India to post their mountaineering picture on the Facebook page of Mountains of India within the one-hour time frame. To achieve this landmark we must promote the event through digital marketing all over the country and bring-in the participant on the event date. Avanexa planned each and every module of the promotion right before beginning the strategy. We did the following activities to achieve the result.

  • Created Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube account for Mountains of India platform to promote the event and pride of Indian Mountains.
  • Created a Facebook event named “Promoting Indian Mountains – Mountaineering World Record Attempt” where people can post their mountaineering pictures.
  • Started posting on all social media platforms of Mountains of India about the event on a regular basis alongside with the information/facts related to Indian Mountains
  • Created a Facebook Page like campaign for Mountains of India to build the audience for the platform with the right demographics of Indian Mountain lovers.
  • Created event promotion campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter with innovative creatives to grab the attention of the mountaineer’s attention for the event
  • With help of Triumph Expeditions made influencer videos from renowned mountaineers to reach the audience through “word of mouth“.
  • Created Quora and Wikipedia accounts to spread about the event on the related domain.
  • On regular intervals, we carried out the above steps in the loop to reach the maximum audience and make them participate in the event.

Page Likes & Posts Received for the Event

Event Reach

Website Traffic

The Result

It’s been a giant leap for the entire team of Avanexa and we felt that we did our best when the event was succeeded and our client holds the record for “Most Photos of People Mountaineering Uploaded to Facebook in One Hour“. They have received 995 eligible photos in one hour time. The page created just 45 days back had more than 20000 followers on the event date with the promotional works. The traffic for the website has been enormous within a month time.

Every step has been planned and executed successfully by Avanexa to fulfil the requirement of Triumph Expeditions.

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