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Harappa Oils approached us to design / rehash a website for them to give a brand new image. Avanexa was happy to be a part of brand building exercise and together we decided to create an exclusive experience for the website users. The website also had an e-commerce platform where the customers can purchase products of Harappa Oils online.

A Sweet New Website

Client Requirements:

  • A fresh and appealing website
  • Clean look with concise contents
  • Completely customised
  • Easy to use e-commerce platform

What we did?

Harappa oils had three products and the unique selling point of the products were that the oil was cold pressed and naturally extracted. Avanexa brought out the benefits of cold pressed oils and at the same time highlighted on the disadvantages of chemical extraction. Avanexa designed a new site featuring a clean, modern, and professional design.

We made sure we brought out the brand values of Harappa oils and made the site rich and friendly. We developed a CMS that gave users a sleek interface for quick control of content updates. Readers are now able to view articles with eye-catching pictures, read blogs that give clear insights on healthy eating, manage their online purchase through easy-to-use navigation.

The Success

Since launch, http://harappaoil.com has had significant number of visits and there has been a substantial increase in their business (both offline and online). We are happy to note there that the brand image of Harappa Oils has risen above all expectations. Avanexa maintains the website with updated information and a sophisticated look that attracts customers.

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