I am trying to make the world a more open place”- Mark Zuckerberg, one who executed his words into actions today. In his recent company conference, Zuckerberg declared that Facebook Inc. is embarking on its next chapter and bringing the world a novel technology called “Metaverse”.

Facebook Inc., has renamed its company as ‘META’. Meta in Greek means beyond.The company is ready to build more technologies and will add to the history. Mark Zuckerberg quoted that ‘From now on, we will be meta-first, not Facebook first’. This concept geared in a sudden direction due to lockdowns and work-from-home systems and more online purchasing of people in these years.

What is metaverse?

Almost every one of you would have heard this quote once in your lifetime, “ You have to dream before your dreams come true” but imagine that you can live your dream and feel it as real in this happening world! Yeah, that is ‘ metaverse’ for the nearing world.

You can be right there with your friends, family or in another place at any time from anywhere. Isn’t it interesting? You can be at the office without travel or you can enjoy your friend’s party or be at a family dinner without your direct presence. Through the metaverse, you can teleport instantly as a hologram ie., a three-dimensional image or picture. People can feel the virtual reality of your presence in that specific place. This is one of the ultimate developments of technology.

How is the metaverse to be formed?

Metaverse will not be created by one company. It will be designed by a team of designers and creators. Roblox corporation, Nvidia technologies, Fortnite and Minecraft gaming platforms are already using metaverse concepts for their virtual games.

How does the metaverse work?

Metaverse works on different devices across the world. The company will provide augmented reality glasses to present in the physical world. In detail, metaverse refers to a shared virtual world where land, buildings and even names can be bought or sold using cryptocurrencies. In these owned spaces, people can wander around with friends, explore buildings, buy goods and services and take part in events.

These new workplaces and social platforms are driven by blockchain technology. A Blockchain is a database that is shared across different networks in a digital platform. Once the data is registered it is difficult to replace it with other data. Meta is working on the privacy and security of the metaverse.

Another valuable virtual asset in this concept is Non-fungible tokens (NFT).NFT allows you to buy and sell ownership of digital items and records the owners of blockchain.

How does the metaverse work?

Metaverse is a whole pack of experiences. It will effectively reduce carbon footprints. As in case of emergencies or case of pandemic situations, this metaverse will be much helpful to users.
It’s more like making a game as real. It is a great advantage for travel lovers ,that they can travel to any nook and corner of the world virtually. Even it provides greater insights into the medical field.

How does the metaverse work?

It is ambiguous till now that to which extent it will work out possibly. Although this concept may end up with or without attaining its motive nevertheless it is an ideal creation by digital masters.

As Zuckerberg said, “ If this is the future we want to see, The future is going to be beyond anything we can imagine. Let’s explore the meta-world!