Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an effective way to advertise products and services to the customers using the web. Digital marketing is the current marketing mode of the global village as it opens gateway to domestic and international business.

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1. Target Audience

A campaign can be tailored to specific audience demographics, such as gender, location, age and interests which makes the campaign more effective.

In traditional marketing, targeting a specific audience is possible only to a certain extent. Promotion expense will have to be spent on the entire segment and the yield is also comparatively low.

2. Market Segmentation

Audience may like to read a blog post or watch a YouTube video depending on their interest.

Most people do not like receiving sales flyers in their mailbox or phone calls at inconvenient times on things that they have little interest in.

3. Interactive medium

Digital marketing makes interaction with audience possible with the use of social media networks. Feedback’s, ratings, review, “call to action” buttons are provided at appropriate places to make people participate in promotions and instill further interest in the products / services which ultimately leads to purchase.

In traditional marketing, audience interaction is not possible unless they take an initiative to write to you to respond or become impressed with the promotions and go ahead and buy the product or service by themselves.

4. Cost Efficient

Even with paid promotions and ads, online marketing is relatively very nominal when compared to traditional marketing methods.

Traditional marketing materials will have to be printed and a lot of money is spent on event organization, transportation, food and gifts.

5. Tracking

Online marketing empowers digital tracking of the effectiveness of a promotion campaign. It enables easy recording of data and results and real-time tracking with insight tools like Google analytics. Footfalls to the site, peak trade period, conversion rates and much more are tabulated in seconds which help you decide the return on the spend for the campaign.

In traditional marketing methods we cannot assess such precise data. It takes at least a week to realize if the campaign is working in favor of the company / brand.

6. Level playing field

Irrespective of the business size, small, medium, large forms or startups, established companies, upcoming ones, any business can compete with competitors with a good marketing plan.

In traditional marketing a small company would not be able to match the marketing budgets and grand scale of promotions of huge competitors.

7. Brand Building

A well maintained website with quality content and effective online promotional strategies helps in building the brand and serves as a value addition in upholding the brand and its values.

Brand building is possible in traditional marketing too, but the efforts and the money spent will be significantly higher in order to reach the customers and to earn their respect for the brand. Newspaper insertions or feature ads can never compete with a dedicated website and periodic digital marketing methods.

8. Harnessing the Digital power

Share buttons and Whatsapp forwards are a boon to online marketers. Social media has the power to make anything viral. An average Facebook user has 200 friends; of which an average of 12% see their liked posts; one message has actually been seen by approximately 15 new prospects. Some might like and share the message too.

On the other hand, it is a rarity that flyers and brochures get passed around or circulated among friends at this rate and generate prospects.

9. Non-intrusive

Online advertising gives the user the option to see or ignore the ad. E-mails too can be deleted without even opening. Audience can opt out of all social media forums of a brand. Targeting audience of specific interest brings the end users closer to the brand and paves way to prospective purchase. Online people can opt in or out of communications at their own choice in any digital platform they like.

Traditional marketing on the other hand is intrusive and annoying to audience who are not interested in the product or service we offer.

10. Stupendous reach

Online advertising reaches out to the entire world or to a select set of audience as you wish.

The same is not the case with traditional advertisements as they are limited to a certain locality. A TV or newspaper ad cannot cover the world population, nor can you say it effectively reached your target audience.